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March 16, 2000


Lyndhurst, NJ: Seven people who played a major role in the nation's trouble free transition in to the new millenium were honored recently by the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA.)

Those honored at ceremonies held on March 16 at the Ritz Carleton Hotel, Pentagon City, VA, included two U.S. Senators, two members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the chairman of the President's Council on Y2K, the General Accounting Office's director of Civil Agencies Information Systems, and the national coordinator of the ITAA's Y2K program.

Senators Christopher Dodd (D-CT), and Robert Bennett (R-UT), and Representatives Stephen Horn (R-CA), and Connie Morella (R-MD) were honored for their legislative actions to help governments, federal, state and local, plus various businesses and industries to enter the new millenium free of computer and electronic problems.

John Koskinen, who chaired the President's Council on Y2K, Joel Willemssen, director of the General Accounting Office's Civil Agencies Information Systems, were honored for their early diagnosis potential Y2K-related problems and for coordinating governmental efforts to overcome them for the nation's seamless transition into the 21st Century.

ITAA member Bruce McConnell was honored as director of the group's Y2K Crisis Center for his worldwide monitoring of the change over to the Year 2000 from 1999 and providing assistance, where needed, to overcome the few problems that occurred around the globe.

Each of the honorees was presented with a suitably inscribed symbolic "Sands of Time" hour glass by ITAA President Harris Miller

Cosponsoring the event were Hendela System Consultants, Inc. of Lyndhurst, NJ, Computer Sciences Corp., IBM Corp., CACI International and Sterling Software.

The ITAA, headquartered in Arlington, VA. is an Internet trade association, representing a broad spectrum of the information technology industry, with more than 11,000 direct and affiliated members. Additional information about the ITAA can be found on the Internet at:

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