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4 Ball Bounce:

Game Rules: The objective of this simple game is to achieve the highest score while keeping as many balls as possible on the stage. While all four balls are present each paddle hit is worth 4 points. With 3 balls present each paddle hit is worth 3 points. With 2 balls present each hit is worth 2 points and with 1 ball present each hit is worth 1 point.

How To Play: When you click the start button, four balls will drop from the top of the screen and your paddle will appear in the bottom-center of the stage. Pressing either the left or right arrow keys will make the paddle shift left or right, respectively. Once all four balls have fallen below the paddle, the game will end and another button will appear asking you if you would like to play again.

Design Specifications: All functional components of this game were implemented with Macromedia Flash MX. All graphics were also designed in Flash MX with the exception of the scoredboard, start button, and retry button which were designed with Macromedia Fireworks MX. Only one ball was actually created in flash and the other three are duplicates with decreasing opacity. All action is controlled by coding done in Action Script 4.0 and primarily consists of collision detection functions which is the essence of most if not all gaming theory today.

Flow Tank Simulation:

Application Objective: The objective of this simple demonstration is to illustrate our capability to produce training and simulation applications.

How To Use: All three valves are closed by default at the beginning of each simulation. By clicking the circular handle of any valve the open/close value is toggled. Fluid will flow from one tank to the other only if valve 1 and either valve 2 or valve 3 are simultaneously open. If all three valves are open the fluid will flow at a rate double to the rate of flow when just the main valve and one other valve is opened. Once all fluid has been trasferred from one tank to the other a button will appear asking asking you if you would like to run the simulation again.

Design Specifications: The schematic of the two tanks and the pipes were all designed with Fireworks MX. The fluid being transferred between the two tanks and the fluid flowing out of the two pipes are all movie clips implemented in Flash MX. Each valve is controlled by an invisible button with Action Script 4.0 to control the effect of each click.

Interactive Contact Map:

Application Objective: The objective of this basic map is to demonstrate our capability to produce a visually appealing interactive contact application.

How To Use: Simply roll your mouse over any area and the portion of the map that is currently selected will be noticeably highlighted. Upon clicking an area you will be forwarded to the webpage or application that is associated with that region.

Design Specifications: All three regions are separate buttons that were edited with Fireworks MX and the final application was assembled in Flash MX.

Emergency Resource Memory Training:

Application Objective: The objective of this exercise is to condition a rescue worker's memory to be aware of what resources are available and where they are located at a brief moment's notice.

How To Use: Upon application launch a 10 second timer will begin to countdown and six random resource quantities between 0 and 25 will be displayed next to each Fire Department, represented by "FD". After the time has expired you must then fill in the appropriate quantities to their respective locations. Correct answers will be displayed in green and the incorrect responses will have the corrected answer displayed in red. If all six responses are correct you will then advance to round 2 where the timer will begin with only 7 seconds. If all six responses are correct in the second round you will then advance to third round where you will have only 4 seconds to observe and memorize the six resource quantities.

Design Specifications: The city background, streets, buttons, and all six Fire Department stations are all designed in Fireworks MX. The text boxes, which are the heart of this application are created in Flash MX and have some basic Action Script controlling them. The scripts test that the numbers that you enter are the same as the original numbers displayed.

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