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Read "Six reasons why your website is invisible to Google"

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THIS IS NOW ON ARVIXE - Contact us today to create your effective landing website pages, online web surveys, custom web applications and search engine optimization processes that turn your web site visitors into customers. When marketing budgets are tight, Hendela System Consultants, Inc. is here to help you make every marketing dollar count.

Serving your web and application requirements since 1988

ARVIXE HOSTING Hendela System Consultants, Inc. has been serving the web and software requirements of large and small companies around the world since 1988. Successful project after successful project have turned our customers into a loyal group of friends. Today, we draw on our diverse experience to prepare your company to make the most of your website.

Landing Pages support your marketing effort

Landing pages reinforce what you are doing in other areas of your marketing strategy. They provide a special site that gives prospective customers much more information than would be cost effective in other media types such as print, television, or radio. These pages, also known as lead capture or marketing pages give you the opportunity to analyze how many people have seen your online or print ad and want more information about your product and service. From these special websites we can help you determine who is visiting your site and if they got there by typing in the web address, clicked a banner ad, or found you via keywords related to your ad. Having a separate site apart from your main website ensures that traffic statistics for your promotion are not confused with regular visitors to your main website. A person who comes to the site supporting your ad is there because he or she saw your ad and wants more information. Its now time to convert your prospect into a customer.

These extra sites also give you another benefit. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN index the contents of your site to place your products and services in result pages. The set of complicated rules that these search engines use to perform the indexing is a closely guarded secret. One of those rules that we know is the number of links pointing to your site. Your special marketing sites provide you a place to link to your main site. Each link helps Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines place your website a little higher. The more links you have to your main site, the better your position. The better your position, the better chance you have to turn a search result into a prospect and a prospect into a customer. In today's tough economic times, what business doesn't need more customers?

Search Engine Optimization makes your website visible

Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analysis can improve the placement of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If your website is not optimized and someone looks for your products, your competitor's website may position higher than yours and be found first. It is a potential sale for your competition.

When your website is properly optimized the investment that you have made in your website can generate the leads and revenue for which you have hoped. Your website is not as valuable for turning prospects into customers if no one can find it. Investing in an search engine analysis and making the recommended changes to your website is a crucial step to maximizing the investment in your internet location. We have the expertise on how your website should be structured to turn web traffic into web customers.

Web Surveys get you information you need

Web surveys gather data and are a part of most websites that support your marketing. These surveys allow you to gather information critical to qualifying a customer lead. The surveys may be short or long. Many web surveys include a premium offer for your prospect to enter their information. Our web surveys help you to stay in touch with your existing customers and qualify new ones. We ensure that your online surveys reinforce your branding.
Unlike other survey systems, we can create custom questions that other off-the-shelf solutions cannot ask. For example many off-the-shelf solutions cannot create a question to gather "at least three selections" or check boxes for "exactly two selections". Some of the types of questions include:

  • Fill in the blank text questions
  • Radio buttons for exactly one selection
  • Check boxes for multiple selections
  • Ranking of answers
  • Extended text answers over 250 characters

  • Once entered we stand with you to help analyze your results with data extraction and analysis to fit your needs and budget.

    Web application development stores and transforms your data

    Web Application Development transforms raw data into information you can use to run your business. We have developed web applications for the internet, customer portal extranets, and internal corporate intranets. We use ASP.NET with MS SQL Server as our typical web environment. If you have old Visual Foxpro or Foxpro for Windows, we can help enhance and support your legacy system or convert it into a modern web enabled application.

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    Free Analysis: Find out if your website is invisible to Google

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